monk parrot, watercolor


monk parrot, watercolor

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Print of original watercolor of a Monk parrot. watercolor & pencil.

The Monk parrot (Myiopsitta monachus) is a species of true parrot in the family Psittacidae. The monk parakeet is the only parrot that builds a stick nest in a tree, rather than using a hole. This social species often breeds colonially, building a single large nest with separate entrances for each pair. In the wild, the colonies can become quite large, with pairs occupying separate "apartments" in nests that can reach the size of a small automobile.  Originally from Argentina, Brazil & Uruguay, self-sustaining feral populations have spread throughout the world.

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  • 4.5” X 5.5” greeting card - printed on fine art paper, with archival ink - comes with standard A6 seafoam envelope. blank inside. $4.50

  • set of 6 greeting cards - $25

  • 8" X 10" - image is 6" X 8", printed on 8" X 10" fine art paper, with archival ink. $25

  • 11" X 14" - image is 8" X 10", printed on 11" X 14" fine art paper, with archival ink. $30


  • 8" X 10" - image is 6" X 8", framed in 8" X 10" natural handmade Maple frame

  • 11" X 14" - image is 8" X 10", framed in 11" X 14" natural handmade Maple frame

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