painted bunting, watercolor


painted bunting, watercolor

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Print of original watercolor. Painted Bunting (Passerina ciris)

This stunning & iconic finch breeds in the coastal Southeast and in the south-central U.S. The French name of the Painted Bunting, nonpareil, means “without equal,” a reference to the bird’s dazzling plumage. They begin their fall migration just before molting, molting in stages as it migrates south into Mexico. While common in waterfowl, this pattern is very rare in songbirds.

In 1841 John James Audubon reported that “thousands” of the colorful birds were caught every spring and shipped from New Orleans to Europe, where they fetched more than 100 times the price when sold as cage birds. They are still illegally trapped and sold in large numbers in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and to a lesser extent in Florida, despite efforts by conservationists to curb the illegal trade. *from “All About Birds"

*The following options are available, please email me at, if you’d like a different size.


  • 4.5” X 5.5” greeting card - printed on fine art paper, with archival ink - comes with standard A6 seafoam envelope. blank inside. $4.50

  • set of 6 greeting cards - $25

  • 8" X 10" - image is 6" X 8", printed on 8" X 10" fine art paper, with archival ink. $25

  • 11" X 14" - image is 8" X 10", printed on 11" X 14" fine art paper, with archival ink. $30


  • 8" X 10" - image is 6" X 8", framed in 8" X 10" natural handmade Maple frame

  • 11" X 14" - image is 8" X 10", framed in 11" X 14" natural handmade Maple frame

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  • * Colors will vary slightly from computer screen to print.

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