trogan, watercolor


trogan, watercolor

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The Black-headed Trogon (Trogon melanocephalus) is in the family Trogonidea, found in Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador & Mexico. It prefers fairly open habitats, including plantations, secondary forest, gallery forest, and seasonally deciduous forests.  Both members of the breeding pair excavate a nesting cavity into large arboreal termitaria occupied by termites (typically Nasutitermes). The nest consists of a long curved tunnel ending in a circular nesting chamber. Males & females both participate in incubation, nest defense, and food delivery to the young.

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  • 4.5” X 5.5” greeting card - printed on fine art paper, with archival ink - comes with standard A6 seafoam envelope. blank inside. $4.50

  • set of 6 greeting cards - $25

  • 8" X 10" - image is 6" X 8", printed on 8" X 10" fine art paper, with archival ink. $25

  • 11" X 14" - image is 8" X 10", printed on 11" X 14" fine art paper, with archival ink. $30


  • 8" X 10" - image is 6" X 8", framed in 8" X 10" natural handmade Maple frame

  • 11" X 14" - image is 8" X 10", framed in 11" X 14" natural handmade Maple frame

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